'Til Kingdom Comes - The Banished Prince Vol 3: The Prophecy

'Til Kingdom Comes - The Banished Prince Vol 3: The Prophecy


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These two sound coincided together and that might indicate that I had somehow ripped my pants into two...! Not only that, but the force of my kick also flipped me horizontally in midair before I fell on my back...!



The weight of the plated armour that I was wearing definitely helped to bring me to earth faster than ever and I was flailing my arms helplessly in the air, totally shocked and then went numb as I tried to grasp anything that was within reach.

"Ficken Scheiße...!!!" as I failed my arms helplessly in midair, I had landed squarely on my own butt, therefore sending a huge shock to my lower lumbar. With the force on my butt, I had lost control of my arms and failed to protect the back of my head as it slammed hard on the platform.

"Stupid little imp... I'm going to..." the next moment I knew was that I felt terribly stupid at falling down wearing my metal boots and slipped on a banana peel on a wooden platform and the next reason was I was forced to lose consciousness because of my stupid actions as well.


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