Her Soul Bonded Mate

Her Soul Bonded Mate


Dyah Suspense/Thriller

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Nefertiti Hill's life was changed forever the day she found her parents in bed murdered. The police ruled it death by wild animal, but what kind of wild animal can sneak into a three story house, leave a claw mark on a person chest while the rest of the body remained in tact before disappearing without a trace. Months later, Neffi is in college still searching for clues about her parents' murder that she is convinced was not done by any wild animal she knew.

Along the way she runs into Liam, the most popular boy from her previous school and secret crush who now attends the same college as her. As they grow closer they realize that Liam is more than what he seems and the secret he is unaware of is connected to the murder of her parents and the reason behind it.


Tags: murderalphadarkfairy/faerytragedybxgmysterycitymythologysecrets
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Chapter 114


“Mr. Silverstreak, thanks for coming,” I said, as I hugged one of my father’s oldest friends. His son Cayden was standing next to him pretending to ignore me. I just shook my head and said, “Are you still mad at me?”

“Father did you say something?” He asked.

“Cayden grow up you’re an adult. And it’s nice to see……