The Banished Bandraoi

The Banished Bandraoi


Rehema Crid Fantasy

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A sorceress comes out of hiding in order to help save her people from an impending apocalypse caused by her mother, Morrígan, an ancient goddess of death and . Sorcery being against the law, she is killed. She is given another chance by Danu, the mother goddess, to fix her mistake and possibly save her people and the ones she loves.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationconfidentwitch/wizarddramabxgmysterymedievalmythologywitchcraft70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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My staff felt amazing in my hands again. Dark and simple, but powerful. The brown oak was engraved with the ancient tongue for protection and strength. Only dark magic could break it. Diarmuid was summoned back to commune with the gods and goddesses; an ability only he had been given. 

The fool left without telling me the message he h……