The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium

The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium


Charlotte E. English Fantasy

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Fairytale fantasy meets romance meets the English Regency in these three dreamy tales.

Miss Landon and Aubranael: When impoverished Miss Sophia Landon crosses over into Faerie, she meets Aubranael, an Aylir with a warm heart and a ruined face. Armed with the temporary gift of beauty, Aubranael sets out to win Sophy’s heart: and so begins an adventure that could change his life, and Sophy’s, forever.

Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman: Miss Isabel Ellerby is a dutiful daughter with a well-ordered life. But when an impulsive promise to the mysterious Ferryman of the fae realm turns her life upside down, Isabel is forced to choose: will she marry the man her parents have chosen for her, or follow her heart and her destiny to Aylfenhame?

Bessie Bell and the Goblin King: When housemaid Bessie Bell is thrown out into a cold October night, her prospects could scarcely seem worse. How will she survive? But on the road she meets a mysterious gentleman, and her fortunes take an immediate turn for the… strange. For they say the Goblin King wanders the hills of Lincolnshire sometimes, in the guise of a mortal man...

Three courageous heroines. Three fairytale heroes. Three tales of love, magic and adventure.


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