The Magick of Merlin

The Magick of Merlin


Charlotte E. English Fantasy

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Four years ago, somebody pinched perhaps the most valuable book in existence.

Merlin’s personal grimoire.

And the price they’re offering for its return is the kind we can’t refuse, so it’s Ves and Jay on the case.

Except that there aren’t any clues. Seriously, not even a little one. Nothing’s going to solve this case but a Vesper-patented Crazy Plan, and it had better be a good one, for complications are sprouting like daisies.

At least it’s a straightforward mission. There’s no earthly way this one’s going to turn my entire life upside down... right?


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Two days later, and I had my gateway straight into the heart of Merlin’s grove all set up. Ophelia had constructed one for me in my own room, with a silver-shimmering pentagram drawn onto the floor by her own hand.

‘Oooh,’ I’d said, enthralled. ‘What does the star do?’

‘Shows you where it is,’ Ophelia had answered as she str……