Lucifer's Innocent Wife

Lucifer's Innocent Wife


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“Where do you think you are running, wifey?” Said the man in a hushed voice while I was hiding behind a curtain. He found me. No, no, I am scared of him. Why mom? Why did you asked me to marry this man. He is the epitome of darkness. I want to run away from him, but I can't because I promised my dying mother that I will always stay with this cold-hearted man.

“Nowhere, Lucifer, I mean, hubby.” I replied to him while forcing a smile at him. He warned me that if I dared to call him by his name then he will punish me in the most painful way and I don't want to experience the same things which I have gone through on my wedding night.

He then wiped the sweat from my head with his handkerchief and after that, he whispered to me in a low voice, “Love, you really look wonderful in your long hairs, but what if you have to cut them for some reason. I think then no one will turn around to look at you, right?" He then picked the scissors from the table and then again he started to walk towards my direction.

No, no this can't happen. Why is this happening with me? All I wanted was love, but tead I catched this devil's eyes. How did the day before my wedding to the love of my life, Advay changed everything. I was so happy that time, but my happiness were only short lived and all that happened because of this man who is now my husband.


Aahna Malhotra was a happy go lucky girl. Life was going great for her until she met, Lucifer Ashford the most dangerous man on the pla.


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