Tiger In Me: A Shifter’s Love

Tiger In Me: A Shifter’s Love


Maria Black Romance

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After the divorce, I needed to get away. Alaska seemed like the perfect place to start fresh, to start anew.

It helped that the natural beauty of the country would help me with my budding photography career.

Men? I had no more time for them, not after one failed marriage.

No, men were out of the picture.

For good.

Or so I thought...

I never expected the rugged, stupidly-gorgeous Michael Pike to barge into my life.

Like a storm tearing through a field, he turned my life upside down.

His eyes looked right through me. He devoured me with his lustful, hungry gaze.

…like I was his prey.

He wanted every piece of me for himself.

He brought me into a new world… his world. The Shifter world.

Michael was a White Tiger, majestic, powerful.


…and his tiger had chosen a mate.



Tiger In Me is a sexy, full-length paranormal shifter romance, featuring an alpha tiger shifter who will do anything to make the smart, curvy, and sassy woman he’s fall for his mate for life. This paranormal romance novel ends with a happy ending, no cliffhanger, and contains plumes of hot shifter steam.


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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Today was Tuesday. And it was time for me to shift.

Michael had spent the last week explaining what it meant to have an animal inside. So had Zachary, and Julianne, and Derrick, and even Calvin when he stopped by briefly to check in. Zachary thought it was the coolest thing in the world that I would now turn into a ……