Qubetron  Trilogy

Qubetron Trilogy

Sai Ram Putta Fantasy

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This story is a fantasy based love and war drama. It includes most of the human emotions like love, sorrow, rage, revenge and mistakes. This story portrays every character wholly and each character in this story has its own significance. This story is a bit different one with both historical melodrama and advanced technologies. This story has historic features like kingdoms, Kings and Queens , cannibalism, wars, revenge acts beeen them along with the advanced science features like plas, galaxies, portals, black holes, Wormholes, multiverses, Time dilation, theory of relativity etc. This story supports both science and God as this story conta most advanced science in it with God, goddess and angels included. This story starts with the very heartful ambition of removing evil. The evil has stretched over its boundaries and it's becoming more powerful than good. It has reached a point of abolishment of good. In that situation the god has created an entire plot to weaken and remove evil from the game. So the god plotted many scenes and situations for him to reach that place.This story is full logic based and in the science aspects the required calculations are done. The main emotion in this fantasy is love. This story portrays the beautiful and pure love of the son's love towards his mother and father. mother’s love towards the son. Master's love for a student. And love beeen the soul mates. Along with this beautiful emotion, It’s included with the required amount of Evil and evil thoughts and how it affects the entire story.


Tags: powerfulwarriormysterygeniusmagical worldmultiverseanother worldslow burn
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