Banished to the Mortal Realm

Banished to the Mortal Realm


chaywrites Paranormal

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For Acyl Shaw, Wonu, her boyfriend, was the only one who understood her better than anyone else aside from her best friend—and never her father. But she’s scarred from her past, and Wonu was the one who healed her… or so she thought. Acyl was still drowning in the pool of her grief, and she might just not want to be saved.
Dealing with something that put a massive wound on her was one thing. And now, her father is forcing her to be fully associated with the organization that hunted down werewolves.
Acyl is a werewolf hunter, and little did she know that her boyfriend is one.
Wonu Miller’s parents were hiding something from him. One that shouldn’t be voiced out loud or it might risk his safety. Living in the Mortal Realm, Jack and Olivia thought that Wonu would be free from any harm. But humans aren’t entirely lawfully good.
He isn’t exactly what he thought he was. Wonu is a hybrid—and hunters will make sure that he can never escape their wrath.


Tags: alphadarkHEcursebxgwerewolveshighschoolpack
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