Daemon Peak Academy

Daemon Peak Academy


words_are_weapons Fantasy

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Oaklynn Cooper just wants to have a good time, but life for a sixteen-year-old daemon is not that simple.

With her powers beginning to fully manifest, she is reluctantly sent to the mountains of eastern Canada, where lies Daemon Peak Academy, a school like no other. Joining a misfit band of freshmen, Oaklynn is plunged into a hidden world of long-held traditions and ancient grudges as she discovers what it means to be a daemon.

Along the way she finds herself drawn to the alluringly powerful Mateo, a senior student at the academy. Mateo and his clique of daemon allies rule the halls, taking what they want, when they want and Oaklynn finds herself in the firing line. Navigating a labyrinth of love and betrayal, she soon discovers that there is more going on at Daemon Peak than meets the eye. There are powerful things hidden in the dead of night.

Some of them should stay there.


Tags: darkfriends to loversbadgirlconfidentbxgmysterydaemoncampusmagical worldsecretsYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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Chapter 02 – First Day Fires

When the alarm went off Oaklynn almost slapped it off the beside table in her attempts to shut the damn thing up. In the end it slid precariously to the edge before her hand smacked down on top of it to kill the screeching, high-pitched ring that had dragged her from a surprisingly deep sleep. Letting out a groan, she flopped over onto her back……


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