Clockwork Maiden, Literally.

Clockwork Maiden, Literally.


NAF12 Fantasy

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"Magic does not exist on its own. In order to acquire it, something of equal value must be sacrificed."

Magecraft is the state of the art life forming aspect. Bounded by the law of magic, it became the main pride of Augzeria, the country of magicians.

Eva Chronodia, a seemingly reckless girl that likes to adventure a lot and acts just like an ordinary person. But who could’ve thought that an 18-year-old teenage girl is also a magician, not to mention that her primary magic is manipulating the flow of time!

Capable of manipulating the time to reset any events to her liking, she is undoubtedly powerful. Until an unknown matter known as the Runic Gear turned her wheel of fortune into a curse.

Finding the mystery to her curse while at the same time dispelling it, she discovers so many… more than meets the eye within the world of magicians in this era of machine age.

“It is never a simple reality. It is a living hell of truth.”


Tags: adventurewitch/wizardno-coupleheavymysterybrilliantmagemagical worldspecial abilitycruel
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The Path Ahead

--Karamba City, 0908 hours--

Al-Qadim and I go outside easily—THAT is what I hoped for. But… things can go south easily, for in front of me stands a towering lady, who else if it isn’t Madame Rozenflame. She glared at me with her black eyes, sometimes looking at the unsuspecting Al-Qadim.

“Eva… where are you going?” she asked ……