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"Everyone has their own story as everyone is the Main Character of their tale. Brink is the way for you to reach what you dream of; a supervillain, a superhero, a king, a conqueror. you can be what you want in Brink." It is interconnected. It is not as simple as entertainment purposes. There is a dark secret hidden and one who found the secret will hold the power one can't imagine.

This is a story of a man and his friend to strive for their livelihood and dreams thru the newest VR game that surpasses its predecessor in any kind of way. This is not only a story of their struggle in life but also a tale of how will they reach their dream.

You can chat with me via dc EqueX#2466


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Leaving Verm workshop of course without my robes' on, I'll probably get detain if I wore that in town. I walk toward the training center to get an Emblem, Titan Emblem to be exact, it is a kind of prove from the strongest person in here. The liability of the person who holds the emblem was to never stain Titan's name.

Once again I've arriv……