Alpha's Disobedient Mate

Alpha's Disobedient Mate


Jumpa Paul Paranormal Urban

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Maverick Henderson is the alpha of the Red Moon Pack which is the most powerful and biggest pack in the world. He is said to be the most ruthless person on the earth that everyone around him tries to avoid him as much as they can. Because one mistake and he will kill that person without even batting his eyelashes. So, now think how will he behave when his mate turns out to be a badass shewolf who doesn't bow down to anyone?Diana Auburt is a lone shewolf who used to live with her pack but for some reason, she left the pack life for good. She is a free-spirit girl who doesn't give a f**k what others think about her and she wants to leave her life like this forever. She works in a very famous restaurant in Vancouver which brings her enough money to pay her bills and fill her stomach without any hassle. So now think how will she react when her met turns out to be a very arrogant alpha who doesn't even want to have any mate.Two different people with two different types of mentality who can't even stand each other. But they can't go against the rules made by the Moon Goddess. So in the end, they make a deal to be with each other for only physical pleasure.However life is not so easy to handle and that's what going to happen with Maverick and Diana when their enemies will attack them together. Now only time will say who is going to win the battle.


Tags: HEopposites attractkickingpackfriends with benefits
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I heave a sigh closing my eyes to not let the past memories affect me. I have come a long way without having to deal with the ordeal of the pack and I don't have any means to go back to that. I am very happy with my current life and I want to live it like this.

"Are they gone?" Claire's voice breaks me out of my thoughts.


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