Forgotten Embers

Forgotten Embers


Ryoshi LeCrosse Fantasy

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Plagued by grief after the disappearance of her father, Avera Ibori leaves the modern utopian society in which she lives in order to find peace in the ruins of a lost civilization. There she meets Benjamin Palmer, a mysterious prince from a forgotten era. As Avera begins to delve into the mystery of this strange prince and his forgotten kingdom, her search for truth uncovers a vast governmental conspiracy which will change the history of Altruon forever.


Tags: dramabxgroyalsword-and-sorcerymagical worldanother worldfriendshipsupernaturaldystopianspiritual
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Epilogue: Long Overdue

Eliezer stood before the mirror in the cramped washroom, carefully guiding the straight blade razor across the skin of his cheek, and he watched as the bristly grey hairs of his face wafted down into the sink in front of him.

It was the day before that they had finished tidying up the rubble and holding the last of the trials, and so this ……