The Adventure of the Dreamworld

The Adventure of the Dreamworld


Babu Ravi Bharti Fantasy

57 reads

Read and experience the most thrilling adventurous story of four Indian friends...

When they are entrapped in a mysterious time period between real world and Dreamworld due to an astronomical event in a full moon day.

To get out of this trap they need to solve the eight deadly puzzles... To open up and cross the seven doors of wisdom in dreamworld... and the eighth door of immortality.
Which lead them to the mysterious and dangerous adventure of the Dreamworld where they risk their lives in between death and devil... and experiences the thrilling magical adventure of the super fantasy puzzle world and get to develop an special supernatural ability according to their mental, physical and genetic speciality.

During the adventure they do multiple transmigration from real world to Dreamworld and again Dreamworld to realistic earth...
They face multiple dangerous challenges, psychological tension, puzzles, threat, action, erotic and romantic events. ...Etc ..etc.


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationsystemsuperheromysteryambitiousmuticharactermagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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It means we need to act smart and make our moves faster. Prince declared.

What's the plan now? Rohit asked.

I kept quiet.

What happened to you? Before Rohit could have said something his attention turned to me and he asked me.

Nothing!... Nothing important... I was just thinking... What about the superpowers we were g……


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