Devil's Business

Devil's Business

Rio gultom Paranormal Urban

36 reads

A demon at your service!

When you have a gruesome fate within your mind, this devil's true advocate will grant you the money needed to finish the job. Sign a contract with it, and billions of dollars would be yours to enjoy!

However, since the very dawn of a man once said, a demon always had something deceptive to its generous exchange. Not only a soul is relished by this demon, but something more provoking was intact to the contract. A challenge, it has said, as a billion of dollars would never downpour your purse for free. Of what, you ask? Unveil the secret by yourself, since a demon doesn't like to read it aloud for you.


Tags: billionairedominanttwistedbxgrealistic earthsuperpowersupernaturalSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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