Devil's Business

Devil's Business


Rio gultom Fantasy

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A demon at your service!

When you have a gruesome fate within your mind, this devil's true advocate will grant you the money needed to finish the job. Sign a contract with it, and billions of dollars would be yours to enjoy!

However, since the very dawn of a man once said, a demon always had something deceptive to its generous exchange. Not only a soul is relished by this demon, but something more provoking was intact to the contract. A challenge, it has said, as a billion of dollars would never downpour your purse for free.

As it was showered down to Juno Ayodhya, the common tramp of Dinesa, He got instilled into one magical consequences. While he gains so much of rich personality's connection and garnered expensive collections in the process, Juno has to fight the realm of hell's challenge along the way for pursuing the unknown path of madness.

Meanwhile, a great leverage has persists to his aid, which is a nearly unlimited power based on his expense. Ability equals money, and you will lose the knock if you got no penny.

Unless you do the job well, the hell would truly be doom for anyone to fetch, that is the challenge. Only one question comes from this ruthless bargain: Do you really want to do it?

Update : Thank you for reading my first completed book on the series! I will continue the next one shortly, as soon as I can (in February, perhaps, but I'll surely prolong this novel afterwards no matter what).


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I'm so sorry, I have to put the end in this way because a technical issue happened. As I have mentioned on the blurb, I will start the production in february for this novel. However, due to many works I had in mind, I 'll have to excuse and prolong the schedule until March. If you're having a knack for this novel, I'm so grateful and wished I ha……