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Holly Davis is a hot headed woman who has a low tolernace for stupid. Her short fuse is widely known around the small town she lives. Her family has always been the gossip of town. Be it her father's bad doings or her mother's leaving town in the middle of the night never to return. Holly has made sure to keep the town talk going as she just doesn't care.

Marc Kearn is a the all American bad boy. He has been to prison more then he has been out. Riding into town on his Harley because his parole officer decided he needed to be watched closely. They would supply him with a job and a place to stay. All he needs to do is survive the next 8 months in this tiny town, then his freedom back to the open road.

What happens when one that is looking for trouble finds it?

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The Foal

Holly's POV

I slowly got the baby down from the trailer as Marc helped push him from behind. I guessed his age to be about two months. I didn't ask how he got left in the trailer, nor did I want to know. It would make me madder. Right now was getting this baby comfortable and safe.

"What about my tea?" T……