Transcended Kitchen Knife Fantasy

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Scorch died while witnessing a harrowing experience. Filled with anguish and a strong sense of vengeance, he is given a second chance-by a bored deity wishing to watch him and other 3000 CHOSEN play-to change everything...... Everything he wants.. even time.

Follow Scorch reincarnated to Aeries as he Shatter all the Obstacles stopping him from World Domination as he ranks up with the all mighty COSMO devastation sword on the right and the powerful World Shaking Axe in his left. Ooh and the deity that got him reincarnated, turns out he isn't so goody two shoes as they thought. In this world filled with viscous and powerful Qi refiners no one can make it far without sacrifice, strong heart... And cunniness


Tags: adventuredarkreincarnation/transmigrationzombiemysterymuticharactermagical worldspecial abilityharemweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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