The Dark Monarch

The Dark Monarch


Sule Saheed Ayomide Fantasy

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The protagonist is an elite gamer who transmigrated in another world similar to a Virtual Reality Game he had played. He is stuck in the new world till he can find a way to go back to his world.
In course of that he encounters adventures and mysteries beyond his imagination but in a world engulfed in darkness by and evil far greater than a him, what can he do other than to keep fighting, never give up and fulfill his promise to return home.

He knows the only path of survival is to become stronger, with his system and knowledge of the previous world the fun begins


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemdecisiveno-couplekickingmale leadmagical worldanother worldspecial abilityweak to strong
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Chapter 1 - Transmigration

Damn, Jace murmured to himself but reacted instantly using the [Ultimate Angel Wings] to defend the attack.

[Defence Successful!]

Jace`s character is an Angel and he had the strength surpassing some Gods other otherwise he would have died on the spot. More so he used a trump card to make the perfect defence unleashing his huge dura……