Bound With Stars

Bound With Stars


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Rishabh Kapoor and Shweta Singh are destined to get married. There are no questions asked, nor answers demanded for it has been decided by their families. But is it the case with the o childhood best friends who are novice to the idea of love. Unlike her nature, Shweta has hidden a truth and it's itching to be out. But the cost is that the everlasting bonds of companionship face a threat of the unknown future.

Will Rishabh and Shweta overcome the moment of surprise and consent to the arranged alliance? Or will the forced matrimony break the friendship forever pushing the o friends at the end of the world.

They say that force is never the solution but destruction. Can Shweta stop her family from proceeding towards their plans or will she find a way that's going to be dangerous yet prove to be a blessing in everyone's lives?


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It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but behind every successful marriage, it's the love, trust, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, passion, and the feeling of companionship between the partners. Every marriage faces ups and downs, little arguments, fights at certain time periods, but it only makes the two people aware of each……