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Books of Chrona


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In the fantastical world of Chrona, where monsters and magic both exist, five people unsuitable to their selected jobs form an unbeatable party. They have but one quest: eradicate all monsters. Is this really possible?


Tags: adventurepowerfulbxghumorousmuticharactersword-and-sorcerymagical worldsupernaturalspecial abilityweak to strong
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Volume 11: What Sells a Book?

While Syrenne made some preparations for the trip, the three of them waited for her. She packed the root crops inside a large rucksack. When the rucksack was full, she planned to carry it on her back. She wasn't able to lift it off the ground.

"I'll… carry that…" Kryllo stood up and offered to help her.

"Oh, thank……