*On Hold* Birthday Gang-Bang! (Erotic Romance)

*On Hold* Birthday Gang-Bang! (Erotic Romance)


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While out clubbing one night for her birthday, Xenia meets Nathan, A sweet, funny and drop-dead gorgeous man. They hit it off pretty quickily and find out they have a lot in common. Knowing that its nothing more than a potential one night stand, Shy, Innocent Xenia decides to go with the flow and see what happens.

Nathan makes it very clear he has an interest in Xenia, but there's one problem, and that problem is called Shane... Nathan's boyfriend.

Deciding to be adventurous, Xenia agrees to go home with both guys and what happens next is nothing short of a whirlwind romance, but things start to get serious, and the Polyamorous relationship seems to become too much for one of them... But who??


Tags: billionairelove-trianglesexpolyamoryfriends to loverspregnantpowerfulbisexualself discoverWriting challenge
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Guys, I have to be honest with you about something... 

I am really REALLY struggling with this book. I have every chapter planned out, but when I sit down to write it... nothing coming out. I am writing the sequel to Its not love, Its just sex and I'm doing well with that, I'm also writing a few other books for another site……