Second Reincarnation: The Inept Prince Greatest Comeback

Second Reincarnation: The Inept Prince Greatest Comeback


Espector Fantasy

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Imagine yourself being reincarnated twice in your life. This is a story of the prince who got reincarnated in a world similar to our own and got reincarnated again in his previous world.

Due to his ineptness, the first prince, who later becomes the king in his previous life and the people took advantage of it and leads him towards his doom.

With the knowledge of the modern world in which he independently acquired. He will make a great comeback in his previous world has ever seen.

How would the people around him will react to his profound intellect that surpasses everyone?

This is a story of the Second Prince of Brittia, Prince George Stuarts who has become Thomas Miller M.D, Ph.Ds. A doctor, engineer, and scientist. Which has later become the Prince George Stuarts again.

With his modern knowledge, he will took advantage of everything he could think off. Creating new technologies, medicines, concepts, even laws and reforms.

The revenge has cast, the battle of the throne and waifu commence.


Tags: revengereincarnation/transmigrationroyalty/nobledramabxggeniusanother worldkingdom buildingslice of lifescientistRebirth Fiction Writing ContestStary Writing Academy II
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