Rival of Atlantis

Rival of Atlantis


Kevin Mar Action

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In a world where the dominance of males in every field and females are merely subjects for sexist thoughts specially when depicted in movies or stories, Gillian Brown, a Special Projects Team Leader of SAR, is bound to prove everybody wrong.

Gillian and her friend, Summer, were new recruits of the newly formed SAR under the UNESCO wing, and were sent to Costa Rica along with a team of scientist to track down what really caused the sudden extinction of Golden Toad that was last seen on May 9, 1989. Unknown to Gil, her debut as a SAR scientist will intertwine her into a shadow group of people who have spent years in planning to bring havoc to the world.

From the science field, Gil will be forced to be something else as she and her team race against faceless men to save the world.


Tags: adventurespy/agentkickass heroineno-couplefemale leadrealistic earthcrimewarweak to strongWriting Academy
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