Starting the Apocalypse

Starting the Apocalypse


Imbreak Science Fiction

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Everything ended on that day.
The dead began to stand up again.
Zombies, only known in stories and movies, have now turned into reality.
At first, they walked slowly, then they learned how to run, how to fight, to hunt.
They began mutating into various abominations.
Cities fell, armies crumbled, the people...are left cowering in their shelters and safe houses.
Everyone asked, how did all of this happen?
Why...did this have to happen!?
"All I want is to bring her back..."
A certain man answered.


Tags: zombietwistedseriousstraightgeniusicyexpertmale leadapocalypsespecial abilityStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 17: Feeding the Subjects

Based on his initial tests, the large mutated zombie had indeed mutated from eating other Zombie Organs and Core. That was expected as there is currently no other way for a zombie to mutate otherwise.

Its bone and muscle density had amazingly been strengthened by three folds which was a surprise.

Luke continued to run tests and exper……


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