Burning Slow

Burning Slow


hirayasatala Science Fiction

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A power to see when you will die? Sounds pretty useless, right?

Ember had this power all her life. She can see as the seconds of her life fade into the wind. Years, minutes and seconds constantly reminding her that life is not forever. But what if her timer is at zero and she's still breathing? What if the countdown of her life isn't her only power? What if the power that she desperately tried to keep dormant was forced to reveal itself? Will Ember let that power run freely through her veins? Or will she rather choose to continue breathing despite the zero in her clock?

"We did it, hun. You can rest now."


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationtime-travelbravebxgapocalypserealistic earthrebirth/rebornsupernatural70 Days Themed-writing ChallengeRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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Ember and the President's eye twitched, hearing Astraea’s snores filling the room- Astraea, who fell asleep as she was trying to get Selina to fall asleep.

The President’s assistant had been running back and forth around the building, delivering the paperwork that the two have finished to all the departments that needed it.