Epiphany - THE GOLDING

Epiphany - THE GOLDING


Sonya Deanna Terry Paranormal Urban

150 reads

"Sophisticated and thought-provoking... an urban fairy tale for grown ups."Avid Ashley*** GOLD MEDAL Winner - 2016 Global Ebook Awards USA***SILVER MEDAL Winner - 2017 Readers' Favorite Award Contest USA*** RED RIBBON Winner - 2015 Wishing Shelf Awards UK***GOLD AWARD Winner -2017 Literary Titan USAHistory, mystery, contemporary romance and magic ...A whimsical tale about money and its unknown otherworldly origins.

It is midnight, and you are sleeping.I am here at the table with a candle at my elbow, penning the most difficult letter I have ever had to write.They are coming for me. Samuel Withers saw them in the village…

ENGLAND 1767Edward Lillibridge is writing a farewell letter to his son. The controversial author faces trial for heresy after revealing, in a book, the true beginnings of money.FAST FORWARD TO 2008...six months before the Global Financial Crisis rocks the economy. Lillibridge’s Our True Ancient History—published under the guise of fiction—is out of print, available only at antiquarian bookshops and largely overlooked.Until now.Rosetta Melki, an idealist whose dream of starting a worldwide charity has been all but crushed by her sole-parent struggles, is enchanted by Our True Ancient History. Lillibridge’s tale about a gold-obsessed empire (and the sprites they oppress: elfin clan dwellers whose currency of choice is kindness) has ignited a memory Rosetta cannot explain.Rosetta’s website surrounding the reading group she’s begun with her friends has inspired the emergence of other Lillibridge book clubs. Her own Sydney group meets fornightly at a vintage bungalow, the rental home she secured to escape a gruesome intruder. In a more affluent part of Sydney, finance executive Matthew Weissler (polished, successful, admired) has been questioning his slave-to-the-dollar existence and his marriage to a tantrum-throwing shopaholic. And now he's questioning his sanity after finding he's been followed by an elf. Rosetta's intruder still lurks in the shadows, but who could the stranger be? A prowler from the suburb Rosetta and her teenaged daughter fled...or a traveller from the past, determined to suppress an ancient memory that will change the world forever?****Includes detailed Character ListEDITORIAL REVIEWS

A true delight. The unique dual storyline is such an interesting slant in story telling, and is very much worth the read. Tracey A Fisher, Readers' Favorite

Sonya has a talent that literary agents refer to as the ability to "Spin some yarn." As the pages began turning faster and faster, I was left wanting more. I cannot wait for her next book.Stephen Fisher, Readers' Favorite

Delightfully imaginative! Excellent sensory details!The author depicts settings in multi-layered fashion, bringing the story to life throughout...Kindness as a currency is a remarkable plot vehicle, and it's enjoyable to see that measured out...This is a book we want to stay in for as long as possible. Writer's Digest 


Tags: time-travelseriousstraightmuticharactersupernature earth
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Edith Derby (Eadie)

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