Generals (FILIPINO)

Generals (FILIPINO)


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After the war between the Rebels of ruist, the council of military government decided to create a team to rule the military ground.
Alwayne the combat team general is in search for the real reason why, the war they ended 2yrs ago is beginning to wake up again.
Together with the team and the Generals they will form another set of adventure to end the new era of war.

They were called "generals"

Not only because they were the rulers but, because they were the representation of every skills and capabilities..
The day she came back from her investigation, set of terrorist attack her and her team to stop them from conveying the message.
After they fought a good fight in the airport she landed in the field with dry blood and bruises shocking other cadets who's training in the field that day.

Sudden things happen, when she had her vacation with her family accidentally she met another soldier with a cocky attitude.
Another soldier after her old lover lost. Will she move on from her past or she will still find her way back to where her heart belong in the first place.

Can they win against the rebels or they will be defeated?


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Chapter 100

Sa gitna nang tirik na araw ay panay ang takbuhan at iba’t-ibang pag eensayo nang bawat kadete sa loob nang embahada.


Sa santabi ay makikita si Alwayne na masin-sinang tinignan ang progress nang bawat isa, halos isa-isa nitong sinusubok ang bawat kadete na nakatindig ngayon sa mainit na field.