By hook or by crook

By hook or by crook


Chaotic Sunshine Romance

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****This is the second book in The Syndicate Love series. Please read the first book for No Good Deed - it is completely free, like this one***

Kurt is a powerful Gang syndicate chairman and had the world at his feet. He had everything he wanted - apart from love. After getting over being rejected by Grace three years ago, he was ready to find his true soul mate. He was on the verge of giving up before a twist of fate led him to meet Alannah.

Alannah found her way into the underground fighting scene in order to pay her brother’s gambling debts. She had no interest in love, in fact it’s a dangerous distraction that could get her killed.

Can Kurt Persuade Alannah to let her defences down and give love a chance?


Tags: billionaireforbiddenkickass heroinepowerfulgangsterdramacitysurrender
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