Her Protector

Her Protector


REBELLE Paranormal

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It's been a year and a half since Nova and Maxon completed their mating...

Things were going wonderfully until someone starts sending Nova threatening letters and dead things. Normally, Maxon would've just sent out a search party to find the bastards, but they're smart. They use silver powder on everything making it hard for Maxon and the pack to get anything from it. Not to mention Nova's gifts haven't been working to well lately, and to top it all off Maxon knows Nova is keeping something from him, but he won't push her into telling him; scared he'll push her away.

When the threats hit too close to home, Maxon makes a choice that will forever alter his life. Whether it is good or bad Maxon doesn't know yet. All he knows is that he will do anything to keep Nova safe.


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