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Zydron Trail Science Fiction

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Four girls, four boys in the apocalypse.
The leader Blade Villain, the key to the aliens Lilly Valerie and her three close friends Andy Lou, Angelica Leen, Cherry Morrow with Jax Damien who knows Blade, and Zane Lycan the bad boy, lastly the brains of the group Nixon Jones.

"Hold this for me." He held out a handgun to her surprise. "Do you know how to use this?" He asked.

"No." She took it from his hand, moving it around in her palm, it was solid. Not as heavy as she thought it'd be.

"It's a Glock 17, 9 mm gun. Very easy to use. Doesn't weigh much. You should be able to use it. It holds 17 rounds - "

"Wait, you gave me a loaded gun?" Her eyes grew wide.

"Of course not. I don't want it going off or me getting shot by accident." He chuckled. "Here I'll show you how to use it." He placed his hands over hers, pointing the gun down for a moment. "So, for safety measures, you always keep the gun low. Most importantly when it is loaded."

"Mmhm." Lily nodded as he continued giving her the gun lesson. She was shocked this is why he brought her in here. Maybe he was getting her ready for training. But her, no one else.

"Alright, you take the magazine out. It has a magazine release button you must press first." He slid a black piece out of the gun, it was where the bullets were stashed. "Then, you load it up. I won't do that right now. But after that, you shove it back in. Then you c**k the gun back, find a target and squeeze the trigger."

"Oh, so it's that easy." She smirked.

"Yeah, but how good is your aim?" He returned the smirk. His hands still clasped over hers holding the gun. "Well, do you think you can handle a gun now?"

"I think so." She liked the warmth of his palms and the calluses on them.

In this SciFi/romance find out, watch people lose the ones they love, and others find love, but hard struggles come along and these girls and boys are put through hell. Will they make it out alive?

Find out by reading, please, don't copyright this story is mine.


Tags: adventurekidnapconfidentbxgmysteryfemale leadoffice/work placealien contactstubborn
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Chapter 12 - The Purple Light

~Five months later~

"I guess this is our new life, eh?" Andy looked at Nixon. He was laying down in the tallgrass outback. She laid down beside him staring at the pretty blue sky. The wind carried a nice breeze tossing dirty blonde tendrils in Nixon's line of sight. Andy brushed them away slowly making him jump in surprise. "Just movi……


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