A Whole New World

A Whole New World


Alyssa Daniels Steamy Stories

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After escaping an abusive marriage, Amanda finds herself a single mom at 40 and facing many changes in her life. Moving to the city, she discovers that there is more to life then preconceived notions of how you should spend your time and with who. What she found was a whole new world of possibilities she never even imagined and it was intoxicating.
She soon struggled with ghosts from her past who threatened everything that she had built for her and her son. Desperate to make a life safe for her son, she is faced with the decisions she never wanted to think of again. Will she make a stand and fight or will she run and hide only to live her life in fear.


Tags: BDSMlove after marriagebisexualfemale leadsmall townweak to strongWriting Academysex clubWriting AcademyRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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I stepped off to the backstage area and watched with Hunter as Rajah talked about other forms of abuse and what we were working on together to help one another out.  And how the worst possible thing that anyone can do, is nothing at all.  To stand up against all forms of abuse and vow to always be there for anyone in need.  She co……