The Phantom Riser

The Phantom Riser


Zubair Muhammad Nadheer Suspense/Thriller

90 reads

"All ye Risers, let us begin the Battle of Lost souls!"

Kiro finds himself reincarnated on the day of the apocalypse. The day it all started. The world as they knew it had ended. And the true rulers of the world, 'The Eight', had come to take their harvests. Only those who are deemed worthy will be allowed to ascend.

How he happened to get such an opportunity is still a mystery but one thing is sure, things in the apocalypse works just as he remembers. And he intends to get ahead as much as he can. In order to challenge the The Eight!


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationconfidentbxgmysteryapocalypsesuperpowerrebirth/rebornspecial abilitytrickyWriting AcademyRomantic-Suspense Writing ContestRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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There are many ways to reveal your presence. One of the most dramatic of them all; is blowing things up. Kiro and his team walked into a land minefield and it set off a series of explosions. Kiro had already reflexively put up his shield around himself, Karenia, and Victor. They were the only ones with him at the moment. The dust acted as a good……