Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman

Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman


Charlotte E. English Romance

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Tilby, Lincolnshire, 1812. Born into modest wealth and impeccable respectability, Miss Isabel Ellerby is expected to make an advantageous marriage. But an encounter with a Faerie Rade brings changes thick and fast, and Isabel"s safe and conventional life changes forever.

When she meets the handsome Ferryman of Aylfenhame, Isabel knows there is no going back. Condemned and forgotten by all, Isabel is his only hope − for she alone possesses the heart, the will and the strength to unravel the dark curse which binds him.


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Good evenin’ to ye, an’ well met! Welcome to the Tilby toll-bridge. Steady, now. Yer horses are havin’ a hard time seein’ through the fog, an’ when it’s dark t’ boot, well! Ye’ll want to go good an’ slowly through the town. Not that ye’ll meet any other folk on the road. Yer carriage is likely to b……