Controlling husband

Controlling husband


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Dominic and Hailey sanders has been married for years now and they both have children. Two twin boys and one girl who are all teenagers. Dominic became extremely controlling towards Hailey and finally got her to submit to him. Will Hailey be able to handle the new and improve Dominic? Or will she fight her way out of the hold he has on her?

This is part two of dominant teacher, hope you enjoy as much as part one.
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Written by: princessjody
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Chapter12. Dominic

I went to talk to my children so they could understand why I was behaving this way. I wanted to protect them and the only way I could do that is if they fully understand why I came up with those rules in the first place. Even though I have installed a tracking device on Hailey’s phone, anything could happen to it and she could get hurt without m……