Reapers: Gods of Death

Reapers: Gods of Death


Abril Stubbs Fantasy

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Aaron Black is a young Reaper who is training to become a strong warrior and join Lord Death's personal warriors in order to keep the underworld safe from those who wish harm to it and its residents. As his powers start to develop more and more he is sought out by powerful being. he finds himself in trouble along with his best friend and the girl that he likes. Now they must keep each other safe and learn how to do it themselves before they are found. Along the way secrets get revealed, discoveries are made and he falls in love. He discovers who he is and what he must do to keep those he loves and to keep himself safe and alive.


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Chapter 54: Reapers

*Aaron POV*

    As the years went by Joel held up his word and promise, he trained not just my kids but Damien’s as well as his, the kids were proving that they would be stronger than we ever would be. When Katia turned twenty she moved to my castle to live with Joel and started a life of their own. Hades wanted her to ……