Down System

Down System


tinerites Fantasy

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For Hadessian women, living in the world of Hades is a big curse.

Hell is the most suitable word to describe this land, whereas women have no freedom to live a good life. They have no right to fight for themselves because all the power is given to the Hadessian men. This governance has started to emerge since the reign of King Ferno.

Aleera Vernize, a brave woman who has defended herself against men, has given death as her penalty for disobeying the world's rule. But, what if she gets resurrected and lives in the past with her younger self, after being killed? What if she meets again Ferno there? Will she be able to change and take down the cruel system of Hades?


Tags: darkpowerfulbravewarriordramaheavysword-and-sorceryfeminismwarStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 59


It was early in the morning when I went to Ragwarths. I had not taken yet my breakfast, so I proceeded to the cafeteria. I was surprised to see Aleera there, who was still in a sullen mood.

Concerning the call yesterday, Ferelith briefly talked regarding her sudden leave. She was hurt to inform Alee……