Era of The Lost

Era of The Lost


valeriadour Paranormal Urban

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Bella was marked since birth, much like many before her. She's had to deal with discrimination for what she is from every possible side, including her parents.

After tragedy strikes and she loses the one person she's had her whole life, Bella chooses to abandon what she knows and search for something else.

Before she can find it, though, something else finds her. A deal is made, and Bella has to carry through with it if she wants to get her end.


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Chapter Seventeen II: A Choice

The knife on my back feels familiar when I turn around the final corner. It’s annoyingly sharp, just like how Cassandra likes to keep it. 

“You came.”

I don’t move a muscle. “Of course, I did.”

“A part of me thought maybe you wouldn’t.” She removes the knife, allowing me to breathe properly. “You’ve proven yourself less fi……