REINCARNATION : Can i be a Princess?

REINCARNATION : Can i be a Princess?


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This story with english ver

Victoria Swift, seorang gadis miskin anak dari seorang pengayuh sampan di sebuah desa kecil di Belanda. Gadis itu selalu ingin menjadi seorang putri sejak kecil.
Bagaikan punduk merindukan bulan, Victoria harus menerima bahwa ia hanya gadis dari keluarga yang sangat miskin.

Suatu hari, Victoria menemukan kalung dari lemari ibunya. Kalung biasa yang bahkan ia kira hanya sampah. Siapa sangka saat ia iseng memakainya, Victoria malah terbawa oleh takdir menuju sebuah istana besar di tempat antah berantah.
Dan yang paling mengejutkan adalah, semua orang memanggilnya Yang mulia Putri Victoria!

Lantas, apakah bisa Victoria menjadi seorang putri?
Victoria Swift, a poor girl from a canoe paddler in a small village in the Netherlands. The girl has always wanted to be a princess since childhood.

Obviously all this was impossible, Victoria had to accept that she was just a girl from a very poor family. One day, Victoria found a necklace from her mother's closet. An ordinary necklace that she even thought was just trash.

Who would have thought that, when she was wearing it for fun, Victoria was even carried away by fate to a large palace in the middle of nowhere.
And most surprising of all, everyone called her, Her Majesty Princess Victoria!

So, can Victoria be a princess?


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationbody exchange/body swapsecond chancegoodgirlprincessdramaicyroyalanother worldrebirth/reborn
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