Oversoul: Path to Master

Oversoul: Path to Master


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Alex Harris could still clearly remember how his fate got twisted ever since that day when the thunder cracked in the sky and a beam of yellow light shot from the crack like a speeding meteor and cut through the void to hit straightly towards him...

- - - - - -

After stepping outside, a falling flowerpot hit Alex Harris on the head and ended his life.

Died like this? Seriously?

But then he found himself waking up in a new world and holding……one cheek of a big and shapely ass!

Well, He subconsciously squeezed it twice. It did feel good except for the following resounding slap on his face.

That was not enough. Later this angry girl made a few hand gestures and a blazing fireball the size of a fist was flying towards Alex.

A fireball? This sorcery? Alex realized he had come to a magical world!

Wow! Alex had always wanted to be a great magician and this time he aimed to get more!

Beauty, money, honor, and fame, he wants them all.

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