Close to the Marx

Close to the Marx


Miguel Angel Ojera Science Fiction

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You have all heard of the legend. The Legend of the man only known as the Bear. Marx Browne is the son of The Bear, and he has entered the same army as his father before him. Marx quickly learns that his father's reputation precedes him. Everywhere he turns people compare him to his legendary father.

Due to the renown of his father, Marx is given the commission of a Captain and he is given a crew of unlikely set of characters. Including an airhead and frequently doing lewd things in public, Vincent Gould who is put as his Lieutenant.

Marx is quickly given a task by his superior officer one of the few female Colonels of the Golordian Army, the task is to find out who had killed her father a Battalion General who's last contact with his daughter was a cryptic message warning her about a man named Norman Hunraken, a scientist who cured a massive plague that decimated Golordia Sigma 10 years prior and a man who was the head of a the most powerful bank in the Fakir Empire when they arrived. A man known as Greed.

Marx is soon thrown into a deep level conspiracy in which he learns of the truth of a super soldier program on one of the Golordian Moons Called Rho, how does this tie to the death of the General? Can Marx take on these seemingly impossible to defeat super the Black Knights? Will that fucking talking monkey ever shut up? Be Close to the Marx! and find out!


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Entry 41

As I sit here on my new abode I look back and think to myself what a crazy bunch of crap happened in the past few weeks. Sometimes it was hard to think all this stuff had happened in a matter of weeks. Sometimes, I felt like it had taken forever, there was this Old Golordian saying that goes something like one lives the days the days that he has……