Loch Nessa

Loch Nessa

Clare Kauter Paranormal Urban

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Nessa is back, and this time she’s in deep.

When a witch from the local coven goes missing, Nessa gets dragged into the search. Her investigation takes her to Loch Ness, where the witch was studying dragons.

It’s time to meet the monster lurking in the depths.

Of course, this mission would be a lot less worrying if Nessa wasn’t accompanied by o members of magical law enforcement. After all, she’s still got a certain hot item burning a hole in her pocket. Things go from bad to worse when she bumps into Henry – she’s still not sure if he wants to make out with her or make a case agat her.

Not to mention there’s some fishy dark magic going on in the woods surrounding the loch, which only Nessa seems to notice. She’s drowning in questions, and if she doesn’t figure out the answers soon, it could be the end of her.

This time it’s sink or swim.

Another hilarious talment of the Damned Girl series, packed with witches, dragons, werewolves and shifters. If you like humorous paranormal mysteries and urban fantasy, this series is for you! Download today to join Nessa on her underwater adventures.


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