A Memory From the Future

A Memory From the Future


Wilmer Carandang Game

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Alvin, 17 years old teenager who was wandering in social media, something caught his attention that triggered a lost memory to come back. An overriding memory that he had to deal with. He has a chance to get rid of it but would he take it? Or just give up and move on?


Tags: studentno-coupleLitRPG70 Days Themed-writing Challenge
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Finding Key

“The door was enchanted by a strong spell,” he said, thinking. “How did you opened the door?” He asked, looking at me. I want to say “duh, it was just a freakin’ puzzle.” But I'm not sure if he knows, back then, I didn’t ask him if he knows or not.
“I solved the puzzle” I said plainly. He look like he’s brewing some questions in his brain. ……