Point of no Return

Point of no Return


Fanan Agyaku Paranormal Urban

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Tile, an aspiring business consultant believes he has been hexed in his family based on witchcraft practices in the African Traditional Religious worldview. Having tried his hands on several deals to have a breakthrough in his career without success, he decides there must be something happening to him more than meets the eye. Although he is naturally atheistic, albeit a Christian background, his friend Kennedy talks him into confirming that he is indeed under some spiritual curse that has been responsible for his perpetual retrogression. Having convinced Tile sufficiently, Kennedy then introduces him to a witch-doctor who performs a soothsaying exercise and confirms Tile’s initial fears. The traditional priest begins a seven day ritual for Tile, which he is required to adhere strictly to. During the ritual, Tile encounters an apparition in his room as one of the signs he was told he’d see to confirm that the ritual is indeed working. However, he is also told that on the seventh day, supposedly the last day of the ritual, he would see a big signal for breakthrough. On the seventh day, Tile’s neighbor, Jennifer, his long time crush, comes in to his apartment to offer a big opportunity to open the doors of breakthrough for him. She also suggests that they marry as soon as things get better for Tile. But this invitation becomes a dilemma for him. The very midnight he is about to complete his ritual, is the same time he is to have his life-changing meeting. But as he meets the witch-doctor, the old man alleys his fears. He hands him a portkey and a few potions. After his meeting by midnight, he is to step out and find a secret place from which he’d travel by portkey to deliver those potions into a grave and a sea. He follows the instructions diligently but one misstep and he finds himself in another world beyond earth, at a time when things seem to be turning around on earth.


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It was two days already and Tile thought he had waited enough. He knew he was playing mind games with Uzira, but he also knew that at some point, one of them will have to make the first move. And he thought it was he, who was to make the move now. Clearly, Uzira had all the time in the world, it was ……