The Eternal Sleep

The Eternal Sleep


A. D. Quinn Game

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The Eternal Sleep is a virtual reality accessible by a headset that uses frequencies to put the user in a form of REM sleep, allowing anyone to be a part of it without any restrictions. It was built as a place where people can relax and do what they enjoy without having to worry about real life consequences and constraints

Luca, a teenager trying to get away from the stress of real life, is a frequent visitor, along with his rag-tag group of friends that he acquired along the way.

Their days of reckless fun and games, however, will soon come to an end when the creator of the game appears with a single challenge, a grand prize and a mystery too big to ignore.


Tags: adventureno-couplekickinggeniusgame playeranother worldLitRPGMMORPGweak to strongFantastic Life Writing Contest
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