Ceremonial Rites

Ceremonial Rites


Kingrich Oyan Suspense/Thriller

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At least I was the real heir once!" Catherine said between her muffled sobs.

"Do you also know why Papa was appointed as the new Prime Leader? Papa told me everything! Nathalia was not ready to take the responsibility! A huge responsibility will be on her shoulders! Papa was a good friend to Lord Markus so he relieved Nathalia the responsibility of running a vicious organization," he again found Catherine's false entitlement pathetic. "Someone has to take the throne even if it's just a puppet. Papa's transition to power was merely ceremonial rites, mija! You were never an heir! Get off your high horse, cabroná!"


Tags: familyarrogantmanipulativedramatragedytwistedbxgmysterybolddisappearance
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