Ceremonial Rites

Ceremonial Rites


Kingrich Oyan Suspense/Thriller

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It's what drives them to get what's best for them, or what they thought what's best. They are all trying to sit at the top. One is climbing very hard, the other holding her grip not to lose the place, then the other stretching his arm to save her, and then there's the one who watched how she was pushed down. One thing is for sure. Those at the top no longer have to climb. The question is, what would you give to stay there?


Tags: familyarrogantmanipulativedramatragedytwistedbxgmysterybolddisappearance
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Alejandro urgently left the car. He rushed to the building where his sister and her family were captives. A man in suit opened a particular door for him. Without any doubt, he went inside. There he saw his sister waiting for something miraculous to happen. Antonietta couldn't hide her joy seeing her brother. They hugge……