Return of the Lost One

Return of the Lost One


gimrya Fantasy

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After being caught by the slave hunters, Dugo Zugath's only wish was to go back home and be with his family again. He endured the hardships of being a slave hoping that he could escape his fate that chained him. And the only way he could think to escape this fate of his was to become a high-level awakener, someone who could wield a certain kind of energy to display magical powers.

But now that he finally saw a slight ray of hope, he would just find out that he was one of those unlucky fellows who didn't have a chance to wield any of those energies, the Forsaken One!

As such, he became trash among trashes, lowest of the low. He knew that his life didn't have any more value as his cruel master would definitely kill him.

Fortunately, when he felt that there was no room for him to live, his big brother sacrificed himself to give him light and a way out of that darkness. Only then did he discovered as well that his life was actually a blessing in disguise!


Tags: adventuredarkwittymagical worldspecial abilityweak to strongRise From The Ashes:King from NobodyInnovel Writing Contest——The Next BIG Name
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