The Lost Secret of the Silver Sea

The Lost Secret of the Silver Sea


A. D. Quinn Fantasy

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Humans have argued the existence of intelligent life in the underwater world. Sailors and Captains of ships sung tales of creatures with a tail instead of legs, carrying the voice of an angel. Similar to a human, but not just quite. To find one meant the blessing of eternal youth.

They don't tell you, however, of the tales of the merciless hunts that took place by those that could afford it. People who had everything but wanted more. War raged and many lost their lives.

Merfolk are real creatures, living in the depths of the sea, unwilling to reveal themselves to the creatures with two legs for as long as they could. Fear of another war and anger at the loss of so many of its dwindling kind as constant on their mind.

Centuries later, a new problem arises, war among their own, over a very precious, stolen relic. Kaelonne, the royal of his time must find a way to end this before they suffer losses that they may never be able to recover from.

This is the story of the youngest royal, Kaelonne. A tale about the hardships he would have to endure and new things he would have to learn as he tries to save and protect his endangered kind. It is the story of the first underwater creature to walk on land with his own two feet. This is of the friends he would make along the way, the bridges he would build, and the lessons he would learn.


Tags: familyroyalty/noblemermaid/mermenbxbtransgendermysterygeniuscityoffice/work placeroyal
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Chapter 70: The Forgotten Tail

One year later


            Hartley hung his head back as he laughed, yelping, and holding his hands in a defensive position as Nora rushed him. Kaelonne winced as he tried to hide his own humour behind his hands. “Be careful!” Alister shook his head at them, tur……


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