Jasper of Moline

Jasper of Moline


Ndidi Otuya Fantasy

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This is a tale of adventure, one of finding one's self.
A tale of redemption, one of seeking truth and light it entails.

A kingdom is under seige, and one man has been given charge to deliver a disheartening news to his king. And so he takes a journey, one that will either destroy him or save him, both him and his people.


Tags: adventuredarkbraveseriousmysterywittymedievalfirst loveself discoverspiritualStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter Eighteen

Jasper Thought he looked mad, and thought the hate made him ugly. But he said nothing, just looked at a ghost from yesterday. How the man could have traced him here was lost on him. And he was ready to see the back of him,

and then realization dawned on him,

“ you’re the reason for all this commotion,” he said quietly.

 A ……