REBELLE Suspense/Thriller

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No one knows how it happened, but it all happened so fast. One minute everything was normal and the next the streets were covered in blood. Humanity was all but wiped out in a matter of days...

Faren only wanted to survive until someone found the cure. She didn't care about the remaining factions nor did she want to become a slayer; she just wanted to survive...

So what happens when she learns the truth of what happened? Will she just keep trying to survive or will she fight and actually begin to live again?


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My body jerked from the recoil, but I never let go of the trigger. There was no need for ear plugs… it was like the only real thing I ever heard was Master and Kara’s screams.
“Faryn, you’re wasting bullets again,” a deep voice shouted over the gunfire.
Without thinking, my finger lifted from the trigger. Placing the rifle at my side, barr……